The Signs Go Camping

You and your star sign are ready to hit the great outdoors. Find out what to except from your friends, enemies, and crushes below!


Fire Signs Go Camping
Aries knows how to start a fire. Leo glamping or not going. Sagittarius brought their guitar for a main character moment.
Earth Signs Go Camping
 Taurus “Let’s go hiking!” but only wakes up at 11 a.m. Virgo brought the instructions to set up the tent. Capricorn doesn’t need the instructions to set up the tent.
Air Signs Go Camping
Libra makes sure everyone stays hydrated. Gemini forgot their sleeping bag. Aquarius brought the w33d.
Water Signs Go Camping
Pisces smokes the w33d. Cancer adopts a wild animal as the group pet. Scorpio stays up to watch the moon.

Header image design by Orly Zebak. 

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