Jewish Zine Archive: Featuring Matao Dreskin

From the Jewish Zine Archive collection

This zine from Matao Dreskin is printed on a single sheet of 11×17 paper and folds out into a full size poster. Matao Dreskin a Japanese and Jewish artist who currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dreskin is an anarchist who brings politics to life visually through print and book making. They explore themes of impossible anarchistic hope amidst the Anthropocene. This zine in particular was inspired by the political pamphlet Inhabit ( is the website listed within the zine). Following a long tradition of zinesters, Dreskin created new visuals for preexisting text from the Inhabit pamphlet “They tell us to wait as our lives pass us by, hardly touching the surface of what we could become.”

Header image design by Orly Zebak. Artwork by Matao Dreskin. Photographs courtesy of Jewish Zine Archive. 

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The Jewish Zine Archive is located on the ancestral lands of the Tohono O'odham people, known to them as Chukson and sometimes referred to as Tucson, Arizona. The archive is a growing collection of zines written or created by those who identify with Jewishness or Judaism. The content of the zines ranges from spiritual ponderings to queer longings, from the recipes of bubbies to illustrations of shtetl demons. 

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