Jacob’s Ladder

The impending creative’s block is, in my opinion, the biggest fear in my practice. I use all kinds of processes to thwart it, mostly by taking extensive notes and sketching. But sometimes you need to pull out the big guns: Turn to the bible to find inspiration and a muse.

I carved a stone replica of my favourite down pillow and decided to sleep outdoors until the famous ladder, from Parshat Vayetzei, would appear with its accompanying angels. Sadly after several attempts, a stiff neck, and a cool photo, no success.

After contemplating my previous failure and still determined to succeed I had that eureka moment where I realized the muse/angels just needed transportation in the guise of a floating ladder. I fashioned the ladder in my studio and with the help of a big tank of helium and some balloons launched it in the field opposite my home. Thankfully (and as we say in order not to jinx it, Bli Ayen Hara) success!

Header image design by Orly Zebak. Photographs of Jacob’s Ladder courtesy of Ken Goldman.

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