The Inspirational Pomegranate

I’m not sure exactly what prompted my intrigue with the pomegranate. Perhaps it was the shape, the colour, the design patterns inside with the multitude of seeds. I had read that there are 613 commandments (Mitzvot) in the Torah and that it was thought that the pomegranate had 613 seeds. Pomegranates traditionally symbolize fertility and love and adorn many torah scrolls. 

What is unique to this fruit is that they are only available in the fall. For me to use the pomegranate in the way I do, I have to work fast because of their limited availability. For the past two years, I have been printing with the pomegranate. I slice the fruit in half and use the juice to print on cotton and linen. Once the juice is depleted, I apply paint to the surface and continue to print. Unique to this process is that the colour varies from fabric to fabric. You can see from my images that the colours run from red, to pink, violet, blue and brown. I love the serendipity of these results.

Header artwork Pom07 by Ellen November.

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