Farming the next generation

As a first generation farmer and photographer whose work focuses on the next generation of food producers and cultivators, my farming journeys have taken me across Canada. As a young Jewish farmer, I practice the value of pe’ah (leaving the corners of one’s field for those in need). I am currently based at Wheelbarrow Farm in Sunderland, Ontario, and help out at Shoresh—a Toronto based Jewish Environmental Organization—whenever I can.

Alex, a film student, turned professional tree planter, turned farmer, washes lettuce at Wheelbarrow Farm. Alex has gone on to start his own farm in Markdale, Ontario called Simple Riches.

Tal, a Jewish environmental educator, enjoys the breeze at Bela Farm, a collective that brings together farmers, artists, educators, and environmentalists with a Jewish lens. Bela Farm is located in Hillsburgh, Ontario.

Tal observes a honey bee on an echinacea flower at Bela Farm.

Taken from above while I climbed a tree, this photo overlooks a field freshly planted with a winter cover crop to protect the exposed soil from the elements.

A bed of wildflowers grows at Wheelbarrow Farm, a solar powered organic farm in Sunderland, Ontario.
Teresa was a pastry chef and baker before transitioning into farming. Her interest in farming was spiked by a growing curiosity in knowing more about the different varieties of grain used to produce flour and baking needs. Here she is hand-weeding crops at Wheelbarrow Farm.
Before coming to Wheelbarrow Farm, Austin was a chef and more recently a professional butcher. After being presented with a chance to start his own farm, he came to Wheelbarrow Farm as an apprentice to learn the basics of farming and how to get started.

Header image photograph (along with all the photographs in “Farming the next generation” captured by Karina Shnaiderman.

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