Esther Pollak

Perhaps because of the strong self-taught component of my artistic training, which has developed outside the traditional academic world, what drives my work is simple and not heavily based on artistic theory.

The pure and deep desire to express and share with others, using my own language, the connection I feel with God, with his creation and with his Torah, is what moves me to create.

Using various materials (oil, pastels, markers, digital media, etc.) and a loose figurative style, I seek to portray moments of the Jewish experience, our rituals, our history, our characters and heroes, our music, and life in our land. I don’t like to pigeonhole myself into a single genre and I move between landscapes, still life, and portraits. I need variety to stay motivated and not lose interest, without deviating from my central goal which is to create art that magnifies Jewish religious practice.

Header image: Challah on a lemon table cloth. Painting by Esther Federic.

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