Dear Reader, Issue 3

As you will notice, most of Niv’s third issue surrounds the Holocaust. Because Holocaust Education Week occurs in November, we chose to contribute to this effort by giving organizations, artists, and writers a platform to share how they commemorate and preserve the memory of the Holocaust. We hope that each piece gives you new insights that will feed into your own conversations, as we cannot ignore the continued collective and intergenerational trauma that exists to this day. 

We’ve started a new series called Small Glimpses into the Past, where people from around the world can submit short reflections of poignant moments that impacted their lives. Though the reflections do not have to be topic-specific, for this issue, each of our “small glimpses” come from individuals who have been on organized trips to Europe, or have started their own, to educate themselves about the atrocities of the Holocaust.

You will also hear from those working to improve the socioeconomic and racial inequities plaguing society. And get ready to discover a new film festival, and an art organization, aiming to create community in a pandemic. 

We are always working to ensure Niv is a home for Jewish expression; we love to hear from our readers, send a letter to the editors email


Clarrie Feinstein and Orly Zebak


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