Dear Reader, Issue 2

We cannot believe it’s been a month since Niv launched. 

It’s been wonderful hearing from community members that are excited for this new Jewish media platform. Some people have told us that they’ve been looking for an alternative source for Jewish news, thought-pieces, and creative work, and we hope Niv is providing unique and interesting material for those who are searching for it. 
In this issue the journey of confronting subjective challenges is a recurring theme. Through language, art, and at times humour, the internal and external trials our contributors explore are told honestly, warts and all. 

We could not stand by ISSUE 2 if it did not pay tribute to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We dedicate this issue to her and to all the women who have fought and continue to fight for equality. We hope you’ll enjoy reading the different perspectives from female lawyers who celebrate a woman whose spirit and actions we will forever look to for guidance.

We are also excited to see Lara Bulger’s monthly Arts & Kvetch column become more established and be a go-to source for connecting to  arts and cultural events. If it weren’t for her, I know so many events would slip under our noses!  

As always, we are looking for ways to improve and to grow our platform. If you have any story pitches, ideas for columns, organizations we should reach out to, parts of Canada you’d like to see highlighted more, please drop us a note at We always love hearing from our readers. 

We can’t wait to see what stories and path Niv takes and we’re excited to have you by our side along the way. 


Clarrie Feinstein and Orly Zebak

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