Dear Reader, Issue 9

For the June issue we wanted to celebrate the LGBTQ+ Jewish community to commemorate Pride Month. While Niv aims to have content written by, and about, the LGBTQ+ community throughout the year, Pride beckons us to celebrate and reflect on the progress made and the barriers that need to be overcome. 

In this issue, a rabbi reminisces on finding acceptance with her queer identity through Torah, and the past is revisited in a curated throwback with materials sourced from The ArQuives: Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Archives on Canadian queer history. But we also look to the present by showcasing an incredible series of Canadian Jewish drag performers, and a mood board has been created showcasing a variety of queer Jewish expressions. 

Our cover is a collage we made with images inspired by our readers and the community that follows us on social media. Creating the work with a mix of images collaged via software and the old-fashioned way (scissors and glue) symbolizes our goal to showcase work that, although exists online, feels tangible. 

Making collages is a way to escape into a world where all that brings you joy can come together. A collage doesn’t have to be neat, it doesn’t have to make sense; it is a cut and paste landscape peppered with inside jokes, where pop culture can be reimagined. A collage gives us the freedom to revel in spontaneity. 

Pride Month is all about acceptance and understanding. Niv seeks to incorporate that message into our style guide. We have decided to no longer italicize non-English words. This stylistic choice is embedded in our firm belief that language is a tool used for acceptance, not one to emphasize difference. Words in Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic, Ladino, will make their way into our articles—stylistically showcasing diverse Jewish cultures equally. 

We hope you enjoy the sheer joy expressed in Issue 9! 



Clarrie Feinstein and Orly Zebak 

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