Dear Reader, Issue 8

May is Jewish Heritage Month, and brings with it a time to look back at Jewish history, and reflect on how the past informs our present. With many organizations doing compelling work on preserving Jewish history in Canada and abroad, you’ll find articles from the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada and the American-based Jewish Heritage Alliance. Both are educating many on the important histories of Jews from all over the world. Plus, you will be able to learn the history and current state of the Jewish community in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The retrospective lens this month is emphasized by several works highlighting the role memory has in shaping individual Jewish identities, from bar and bat mitzvahs, to loss, to a celebratory reflection of FENTSTER’S five year anniversary. 

And we cannot forget that Issue 8 launches on Mother’s Day! The day brings with it different emotions, as the role of a mother does not look the same for everyone. We spoke to Katie Goodman, and Emily Hazan, two moms who started small businesses during the pandemic, and learned how they juggle motherhood while starting their own creative pursuits.  

The window on our cover image looks out, not onto the field that is reflected on its glass, but at a blank family registry, one that can be metaphorically filled by your own memories. While windows usually show the world as is, it’s important to look out into the past in order to fully understand our present. 



Clarrie Feinstein and Orly Zebak 


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