Dear Reader, Issue 7

Putting together this latest issue of Niv has come at an interesting time. Canada is in a transition period with the pandemic, as vaccines become more available and accessible to a growing number of the population. But the variants pose a new threat, making the light at the end of the tunnel seem further out of reach. 

As the weather gets warmer, the days grow longer, and the vibrancy of summer shows its promise, the mood in Toronto, where Niv is based, feels subdued, as another stay-at-home order is mandated in the province. 

On our cover, an extended hand reaches out to a bundle of flowers, elucidating how the promise of a post-pandemic world is just out of reach.

But the latest issue of Niv shows that there are many in the Jewish community, and outside of it, who are continually making special moments happen. You’ll hear from those who promote the importance of mental health, how Asian-American Jews banded together to create an inspiring project, to a Rabbi’s poignant words on the need to bestow praise. 

We’ve also recently made a change to our style guide. We will no longer be hyphenating antisemitism. We think it is important to share this with you all because it ensures our prose reflects the serious threat antisemitism has and continues to pose. According to The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA):

“The unhyphenated spelling is favoured by many scholars and institutions in order to dispel the idea that there is an entity ‘Semitism’ which ‘anti-Semitism’ opposes. Antisemitism should be read as a unified term so that the meaning of the generic term for modern Jew-hatred is clear. At a time of increased violence and rhetoric aimed towards Jews, it is urgent that there is clarity and no room for confusion or obfuscation when dealing with antisemitism.”

As always, Niv strives to show the human, heartfelt moments in our community, that manage to uplift and carry us through difficult times. 


Clarrie Feinstein and Orly Zebak 

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