Dear Reader, Issue 6

This issue is an homage to Passover, Niv co-founders Clarrie and Orly’s favourite holiday. 

For Clarrie the holiday is all about preparing the food with her mother, and sitting down with her family to reacquaint themselves with the annual story of Jewish liberation. 

For Orly, she fondly remembers her family putting on little interactive plays (complete with costumes and props) for her, and her cousins. It has always been the holiday she most looks forward to because friends and family come together, for eating excessive amounts of meringue pie baked by her grandmother, and for celebrating the story itself. 

In this issue, read about various Passover Traditions from seven members of our community, explore how the Jewish community in Prince Edward Island celebrates the holiday, and delve into a lively discussion of the classic film, The Prince of Egypt. 

In traditional Niv style, the articles all pose questions on Jewish identity and we hope it expands your horizons on what Judaism looks like for all. 

Happy eating, Happy reflecting, and Happy Passover. 



Clarrie Feinstein and Orly Zebak

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