Dear Reader, Issue 18

At long last, summer has arrived. Whether you’re at home, a cottage, at a beach, swinging from a hammock, thank you for “picking up” this issue of Niv. Some of you may even be having swashbuckling adventures camping in the wilderness or inside the comfort of a cabin (if so, congratulations on having great cell service). 

Camp is a force in the Jewish community. From day camps to sleepaway camps, many childhood summers centred around camp or around the absence of attending camp (which can make for equally thrilling summers). And with the camp season kicking off just prior to the issue launching, we could think of no better time to commemorate the experience. 

You’ll read stories from retired campers about their youthful summers that were coloured by silly, happy, rebellious, and awkward situations. In gathering these tales, what quickly became apparent to us is that summer camp holds a great deal of meaning for the Jewish community. It’s where children and teenagers have the opportunity to connect strongly with their Judaism, make lifelong friends, and meet partners.

With that in mind, we decided to expand our coverage by interviewing Sandra Fox on her latest book about Jewish summer camp in pre- and post-Holocaust America, joining Faith Kramer as she prepares for Shabbat nights under the stars, and discovering, via a personal essay, that it’s okay not to attend Jewish summer camp at all.

There’s a full range of perspectives and experiences about camp and that’s at the heart of this issue. We also have some wise words from a rabbi on how Torah relates to modern day dilemmas, how Jewish poems can help us feel less alone, and the unveiling of Toronto’s brand new Holocaust Museum. 

In the midst of summer it’s important to take a step back and try to enjoy all your local community offerings. Have a picnic in the park, enjoy some ice cream on an evening stroll, and take a weekend trip into the great outdoors. 

And we hope you enjoy this issue of Niv


Clarrie & Orly

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