Dear Reader, Issue 17

Another Passover has come and gone but the empowering story of the Book of Exodus inspires us year round.

Passover offers us time to reflect and realize the importance of fighting for a just and peaceful world, and we carry the holiday’s teachings with us well after it is over. It feels timely that Yom HaShoah arrived shortly after the holiday as both trials show, in different ways, that we are capable of surviving and persevering even when it seems impossible.

In Issue 17 we wanted to weave the teachings of Passover, of our ancestors, and our histories within our pages to show those in and outside the Jewish community how we   continue to thrive. We see that from centuries of pain and trauma, Jews continue to push boundaries in the face of adversity, and that’s something worth celebrating.

You’ll find stories raising awareness on addiction, the need to create inclusive environments for non-white Jews, and the importance of Holocaust education in the 21st century.

Spring is a time of nurturing little buds to become robust flowers, so in this spring issue let us lift up all the Jews in our community who are making this world a better, more compassionate place. We hope you walk away from this issue feeling immeasurable pride for your Jewish community.


Clarrie & Orly



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