Dear Reader, Issue 16

In Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David recoils at the thought of wishing someone a happy new year three days after it begins. Well, to heck with his cut-off date. With this being the first time we get to write to you in 2023, we would very much like to wish you all a magical new year! And it’s already off to a swell start! 

We begin with an enthusiastic mazel tov to Niv’s co-founder Clarrie Feinstein on her engagement to Eli Bordman. We can’t wait to invite you all to the wedding! 

Issue 16 has landed firmly in 2023. Yet the issue keeps one foot in the past with a few retrospectives highlighting Jewish life in Canada during the 30s, 40s, 60s, 80s, and 90s. Just as our cover exhibits a literal visualization of a would-be Niv community filled with Jewish joy and housed in a dreamy apartment, our contributors fill our pages with heartwarming and informative stories. 

Journey to the territories to meet the Jews of the North, get carried away by the music of Alberto Hemsi, lean into writer and illustrator Esmé Shapiro’s warm embrace, learn about Earth-Based Judaism and more. 

And with February approaching, we have some juicy dating stories to quench your thirst. Step into the world of courting, it is full of love and terror. 

Thank you as always for taking some time out of your day to spend it with Niv. It may be a new year but we’re still the same home for Jewish expression. 


Clarrie & Orly 

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