Dear Reader, Issue 15

We can’t believe summer has come and gone! How did the High Holidays creep up on us so quickly? It’s always a busy time of year with back to school, Jewish festivities, and getting into the daily routine of balancing it all. 

The holidays offer us an opportunity to reflect on the past, examine the present, and look to better our future.

Many of the pieces in Issue 15 confront our histories, our memories and the power they have in shaping our perspective and our decisions over time. Many of our contributors are asking for change, unity, and growth. 

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade we unpack Canada’s history and current relationship to abortion rights and access in and outside of the Jewish community. While many might think the situation in the U.S. is not a “Canadian problem” it’s a landmark decision that requires time for pause and evaluation. 

We also have some food for thought for the High Holidays starting with Rabbi Rachel Timoner’s opinion piece on approaching Torah with an intersectional framework that helps us understand the stake we have in ensuring freedom for all. In addition, we explore how one Toronto synagogue is offering free memberships for the younger generations.

And let’s face it, the holidays are all about the food, literally, so don’t miss out on the scrumptious Rosh Hashanah recipes that await!

Lastly, pressed flowers and a single leaf grace our cover. They are in full bloom yet frozen in time, coarser, aged, different from when they were still on vines or attached to stems whose roots are still snug in soil. Our cover marks the end of one season and the beginning of another. The cycle of life continues, which is what the Jewish New Year brings us: the chance to reflect on the old and look forward to the new. 

Here’s to a healthy and happy 5783!



Clarrie Feinstein & Orly Zebak

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