Dear Reader, Issue 13

With the first day of spring around the corner and Daylight Saving Time starting today, we can’t help but have a slight spring in our step. 

Issue 13 is filled with festive and celebratory stories with many revolving around Purim and Passover. Both Exodus and the Book of Esther share similar themes of freedom and Jewish resistance as do their holidays. 

The imagery gracing our cover honours that. A costume mask with a bright sepia-brown image of Mount Sinai hovers over the same, but a larger and dimmer image of the mountain fills the background. A face made of flowers and stars sits over the mask; a magical creature who encompasses the miracles our ancestors experienced and the magic that lives within us all today. As you view our cover and look through the mask, take the time to remind yourself of the stories of Jewish resistance. Through the mask we can witness and learn from these stories that show us what Jewish resistance looks like. Like the face depicted, we can celebrate our ancestors who fought for the betterment of Jewish people. 

As we continue to witness the horrors in Ukraine, we cannot help but find solace in holidays that triumphed under oppressive regimes. We pray and are hopeful that peace will return to the country and its peoples again. 

In this issue, you will find a story on what freedom means from a rabbi based in Saskatchewan, learn about the festive Purim parties that used to be the talk of the town in Toronto and in Timmins, Ontario, enjoy festive classic Purim recipes with a twist, and learn about the only Sephardic synagogue west of Ontario, and more. 

In “Creating Jewish practice,” our guest editor, Cara Gold, interviewed four Jewish professionals to find out how they create their own rituals and traditions to feel more connected to religious practice. As the series shows, younger Jews often don’t feel connected to more traditional spaces, like a synagogue, and end up creating personal practices to feel closer to their Jewish faith and identity. 

If you missed our Issue 12 guest editor Or Har-Gil’s workshop in February, “Tending the Mishkan of Your Heart: A Creative Workshop,” don’t fret. The artwork from the workshop is on display and so are Har-Gil’s tips to create your own inner Mishkan. 

As always, we hope this issue delights, cultivates and sparks conversation. We wish you all happy holidays ahead and maybe while you’re at it, try an ube hamantaschen or two . . . or 10. 


Clarrie Feinstein and Orly Zebak

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