Dear Reader, Issue 1

With the New Year comes new beginnings. 

So what better way to start the year than with the first edition of Niv, a Canadian Jewish publication. 

After the Canadian Jewish News (CJN) shut down, it became apparent that the Jewish community needed a source for Jewish content. But what would it look like? And represent? 

Reflecting on our individual experiences in Jewish spaces, we have often found they are not the most inclusive or inviting. Because of this, we promise to be a space that advocates for individuality and authenticity. There is no right way to look, act, or be Jewish. 

While Niv will certainly not get everything right, and we’re sure to make mistakes along the way, we will always strive to create an environment that honours the multifaceted Jewish identities we see everyday in our community. 

With these feelings in mind, we knew the publication had to be inclusive, celebrate varied Jewish perspectives and offer a platform for the often unheard voices in our religion and culture. 

We hope Niv becomes a vehicle to share and foster a broader understanding of what it means to be Jewish. And where bi-partisan conversations can thrive in a respectful and empathetic environment. Niv aspires to be a place where individuals can feel comfortable to have uncomfortable conversations. 

Therefore, it became fitting that we landed on the name Niv, which means expression. 

Our first issue offers an examination of Jewish experiences in art, global community, and identity. While some of the works touch on the pandemic, others analyze Jewish history, and personal experiences. These past few months, while extremely difficult, have awakened a period of greater reflection than ever before. We hope these pieces leave you with new insights. 


Clarrie Feinstein and Orly Zebak

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