Bathroom of the Museum

Bathroom of the Museum

Something made and lost
is a lesson in impermanence.
Maybe laying to waste makes way
for a beloved mother
or adversary.
The body loses
a stream of consciousness.

Be alert and clean.
Do not make yourself abominable.
There are demons dwelling
in the latrine.
Even alone,
you have numerous hallows
that perform wonders.

Please do not mistake the toilets for art,
though they overflow with a feeble touch.
This is a place of silent contemplation,
and is cleaned on the hour.

If ashes were scattered on the floor
you may see a foul’s footprints;
if there was dust in the air,
you might hear the snort of a lioness.

On the mantle, with soap and towels,
an assortment of leeks
and the jawbone of an ass.
Beware the brood of slime.
Be modest and find nothing
related to plague, no snakes,
no disturbing dreams of scorpions.

These facilities are open to patrons
but refrain from ever using them.
People here are regularly becoming One.

Header image design by Orly Zebak. 

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