Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions on a rolling basis. But if you would like to be in our June issue the deadline to submit is May 23 by end of day.

For our May issue we are also including a series showcasing who or what inspires you! Who or what has nurtured you to become the person you are/the person you are becoming? Whether that’s a family member, an artist, a friend, a play, a film, a rock—we want to share who/what moves you!

To be included in Issue 8’s upcoming series send in your submission by May 3. 

June series issue announcement: 

Nesh and Niv can’t wait to celebrate Pride month with you! Nesh is the world’s first publication about Queer Jewish people, culture, and issues. And just like Niv, was founded in 2020!

In collaboration with Nesh we are creating a mood board encapsulating and celebrating Queer Jewish experiences and art. What will this board look like you wonder? Well, the work can be either a text and/or image and can cover: dating experiences, queering Jewish films, queer fan-fiction, hopes for the future, or queering a Jewish text from something like, you know, a casual passage in Leviticus.

The text entries can be a maximum of 100 words. Deadline for submitting is May 24th.

Please send all submissions to: submissions.nivmag@gmail.comWe look forward to seeing your work!


We accept submissions for: News, Opinion, Arts & Culture, and Variety (Literary, and Artwork). 

News: any news worthy story on politics, community organizations or movements, synagogue or interfaith community work, Q&As with notable individuals. 
500 word minimum.

Opinion: this is an open field, but opinion pieces can be on politics, identity, sexuality, feminism, holidays, family, and culture. 
500 word minimum.

Arts & Culture: reviews for theatre, music, dance, art, fashion, cultural events, holidays, and food. 
500 word minimum.

*For feature length articles please refrain from going over 2,500 words. But this can vary on a case-by-case basis. 

Variety: fiction/non-fiction, humour, satire, short plays, poetry, comics, artwork (any medium), frankly, anything goes, perhaps even the kitchen sink. 

  • Fiction– 1,500-5,000 
  • Nonfiction– 1,500-5,000 
  • Short Plays- 5-30 pages
  • Poems– can submit six at one time 
  • Artwork– can submit up to ten pieces

It may not always be encouraged, but sometimes, rules are made to be broken

What types of submissions are accepted? 

We accept news articles, opinion pieces, arts & culture reviews, literary pieces, and artworks on a rolling basis. 

While many stories will be on a Jewish topic or provide a Jewish perspective, we welcome submissions that do not need to be told from a jewish-centric lens.   

Can I send a pitch without the written piece? 

Yes! We are always looking for people to write with us. Please send a pitch that is between 150-250 words. 

When do you accept submissions? 

We accept submissions on a rolling basis all year round. To make the specific issue, check our website for the due date. But fear not! If you miss it, it can be considered for other issues. 

How often do you publish? 

We publish once a month. 

What do I include with my submission? 

Please send your submission either in a word document or pdf. 

Please attach comic and artwork submissions in a pdf document. 

Include your full name, contact details (phone number and/or email), hometown, preferred pronoun, if this is a simultaneous submission, and if you’d like, a little blurb about yourself. 

*If this is a simultaneous submission, please let us know.

*If you are submitting to more than one section, please indicate which ones.

Can I submit for more than one section? 


How do I submit? 

Send your submission(s) to, and please include the section you are submitting to in the subject heading.

For any inquiries please contact us at