Aaron Koster

We’re Here

Like Alice entering a fantastical world by climbing through a mirror in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, I sometimes believe deceased loved ones enter a beautiful, fantastical place that is no further away than an outstretched arm; perhaps in a parallel universe that some physicist’s believe may exist.

Orphans & Angels 4

In Orphans & Angels 4, I wanted the facial expression on the angel looking skyward to seem as though she could be asking, respectfully of course, “G-d, do you see this?”  The “this” I refer to are Jews, especially kleyne kinder (small children) who never lived to grow as old as I have; Jews who perished of starvation, disease, and murder in the ghettos and extermination camps of the Nazi era. Here’s another question that has been asked many times of our omniscient, omnipotent, merciful G-d, and I respectfully ask again: “dear Lord, where were you?”

Header image design by Orly Zebak. Artwork by Aaron Koster. 


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